Friday, February 3, 2017

Greetings from Estonia and Latvia

The Day is finally here. I packed my bags and left Finland. My last few weeks in Finland were quite busy: I worked in a local shop, studied some Russian and Latvian and packed everything I own in boxes.

I took only two peaces of luggage with me because that was really all my friend and I could carry together. Yes, my best friend came with me all the way to Latvia! She is going to stay here for the weekend, just enough time to get to know the city and maybe go to one of those cheap hairdressers. Notice, that Finland is one of the most expensive countries in the world so my guess is that I'll be using the word "cheap" quite a lot...

My parents are going to come to visit me possibly in March and bring the rest of the stuff by car. Until then, I am gonna have to manage with the two bags of clothes and other things that I have with me! Let's hope I didn't forget anything crucial..

We chose not to travel by an airplane, since it would have been expensive considering how much stuff we had. We took a ferrie from Helsinki to Tallin (Estonia) and then travelled by a bus to Latvia. It takes 2,5h to cross the Finnish Bay (Suomenlahti) and 4,5h to get from Tallin to Riga by a bus. One way trip costs about 40€/person.

In the future, I will definitely rather fly because it only takes on hour to fly from Riga to Turku (my home town in Finland). The cheapest flights that I could find were only 74€/person, round trip. The only problem is that you can only have a carry on -bag and traveling with luggage costs extra.

We arrived yesterday and today we are planning to go to check the old town and some tourist attractions. The apartment is so nice! Very big rooms, high ceilings and it has been renovated last April. Our landlord seemed very kind and welcoming. She speaks Russian and it feels like everybody else does too. Yesterday, we popped quickly in a local store and I heard a lot of Russian being spoken.

Next week I have my orientation week and after that classes and lectures start. I am unspeakably excited!

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