Friday, December 30, 2016

I got into medical school.

This is a sentence that I have been waiting to say. It is finally true: I got into medical school.

I found out a day ago that I will be moving to Riga, Latvia in early February. The school starts on 6th of February and before that I have sooooo many things to do. I have a month to get an apartment, apply for a visa, move all my stuff to a different country, get the needed documents... so much to do! How am I going to manage to do all this in such a short time? I have no idea, but I am going to tell you as I go along the way. 

Even though my mother language is Finnish, I wanted to write in English, since that is the language I am going to be using for the following six years in Riga Stradins University. Also, since there are not many blogs about studying medicine in Latvia, that are written in English, I figured that it would be nice to have one more.

If you are as new to my blog as me (very), you are welcome to read about my journey in an Latvian med school!