Friday, January 20, 2017

Finding roommates and a flat

Ones you get a confirmation that you have been offered a study place, you will get accepted to many Facebook groups. Each group has a different subject: about finding flatmates and apartments, selling furniture, getting to know your classmates, etc.

I just posted an ad on one of them, describing me and telling that I was looking for like-minded people to share an apartment with. I was contacted by many people and one of them were two Finnish girls. We started looking for an apartment with them and found one!

It is quite exciting to move together with two strangers but it seems like we are going to get a long very well :) at least we share the same nationality and our interest in medicine!

Finding the apartment was easy for me since my roommates (so awesome) wanted to travel to Latvia for a day to look for the apartments we had looked up on the internet. They went to see many flats and found one that fit to our purposes. Many of the apartments had mold that could be seen or at least smelled..  They were very cautious and I believe that they have found a safe flat.

Now we have signed the rental contracts (each of us got out own) and paid the invoice. We have an apartment with two bathrooms, a kitchen and three separate bedrooms. We also have two washing machines and a dish washer! Tha. best. thing. ever.

I feel so excited and nervous at the same time. Only two weeks and I will be living in a different country!! Can't wait!

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