Thursday, March 2, 2017

Human bones and bodies

The days here have been filled with school and studying, especially anatomy. Everything feels still new and amazing. I know that this feeling will not last for ever but while it does, I´m trying to make the best of it!

Last week I saw two human bodies, and yes, it was amazing! My anatomy class is right next to the dissection room and the wall in between is made out of glass so you can see everything. The smell was weird and I felt sick at first but ones I heard that the smell came mainly from the stuff that they use to preserve the bodies I felt all right. This week I saw bodies again but this time it didn't feel that fascinating. I guess you get used to everything.

The first time I got to hold an actual human bone was even more amazing. I honestly felt my heart skipping a beat. It was the thought of an actual human being, that ones had the bone inside him/her, that was so intriguing. After the first great moment I have been privileged to study real human bones many times and I could say that I have become used to this too. It really helps to have the opportunity to study from actual bones! At RSU we have a place called Anatomikum, where you can go and ask for any bones, tissues etc. and study them.

Toga party!

Gangsters of Anatomikum

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